The president of Brazil must be accused of a huge series of crimes over the way he has handled the pandemic situation. A draft from a major inquiry report is saying this.

The report is the culmination of the 6 months of inquiry. It had revealed plenty of scandals and the corruption of the government.

President Bolsonaro is facing the accusation for the failure in controlling the virus, which killed more than 600000 Brazilians.

Some of the excerpts have leaked to the media. It also indicates that the panel wants the president to face nice charges.

Initial drafts for the reports recommend that the president needs charged with homicide and genocide against any kind of indigenous group.

The recommendations have now dropped from the 1200 page of the report. It urges charges of crimes against humanity, incitement to crime, and forging documents.

Despite all these serious allegations, it is not yet clear what its meaning is for Mr. Bolsonaro.

The draft report also needs the vote on the Senate committee where it could get vetoed or altered. There is not any guarantee that it will lead to criminal charges.

President Bolsonaro has further dismissed the Congressional inquiry as politically motivated. He spoke out against the mask, vaccinations, and lockdowns.

In March, he told the country people to stop whining about Covid. Also, he told this a day after the record rise in deaths over 24 hours.

Brazil has confirmed its covid-related death toll. However, it is the second-highest one in the world, behind the US.

Senator Renan Calheiros said that the panel wanted to punish all those who had contributed to this massacre created by Brazilians. However, it is about how the president will handle all these accusations in the coming future. Well, negligence to the Covid is a crime that needs addressing soon.

Credits: BBC

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