Ukrainian President Zelensky recently said a big thing. He mentioned that Europe faced the dangers of a nuclear accident. This happened on Thursday. The fault was the disconnection of the plant from the power grid.

Zelensky said that backup power saved them and the world. The backup power came to save us as soon as the disconnection happened. This reportedly saved Europe from a big nuclear disaster.

Zelensky praised the workers in the plant. He said that their accurate reaction during the blackout saved the world. He also admired the automation systems and for turning on the diesel generators.

Fires caused the main damage. The fires damaged the power lines connecting the nuclear power plant to the power grid. This gave rise to the blackout. Kyiv officials confirmed the disconnection of two power units.

The evidence of a fire burning near the plant came from satellite images. Ukraine and Russia blamed each other for the mess. Russia took over the plant, but Ukrainian officials are managing it. So, it is very difficult to balance the whole situation.

IAEA clarified that the plant was in connection with a 330 kV line from a thermal plant as a backup. Ukraine also clarified this. Despite the power outage, radiation levels were still normal in the area.

Rafael Grossi is the Director General of IAEA. He was angry that there was a new incident every day near the plant. He also called for an international level mission to the nuclear plant.

Experts are under trauma that safety procedures put in place for the plant can fail if it loses all power. This is also amid the backdrop that maybe Russia is supplying the power to its power grid. Many places in Ukraine reported power losses. This can be Russia’s doing.

The nuclear issue prompted many officials around the world. They also condemned the action. Government officials of many countries hope that both countries find a peaceful solution.

Credits: BBC

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