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The US President suspects Putin to move in on Ukraine. The political tension between the two countries is worsening. It can be a “full-blown war”.

Biden cautions the invasion of Ukraine may create problems for Russia. Putin may have to pay a high and dear price. Russia sent 100,000 troops to the borders will deny the invasion.

Putin proclaimed Ukraine never to join NATO. It wants the defensive alliance to leave military activity in Eastern Europe.

Putin said at a television press conference, “We have made it clear that any further eastward expansion of Nato is unacceptable.” But, the troops surrounding Ukraine’s borders seem suspicious. The correct reason is still not out by the Kremlin.

But, it is to put pressure on us to take its demand seriously. State Antony Bilken suspects Russia to attack at short notice. Russian forces will be accountable if he takes any illegal measures. Also, NATO will choose what countries want to do.

White House officials made it very clear. The USA and its allies will stand with Ukraine.

Russia clears the air that warnings of consequences will not work. It is not going to reduce tensions. It will only add fuel to the fire. Ukraine and the West are also planning to create an information campaign. Maria Zakharova calls this the most tragic consequence to regional and global.

Putin demands NATO not to expand east. He calls the US deceiver. He also claims that the US guaranteed not to expand NATO in 1990. But, it is doing the opposite.

There is a difference in interpretation. Putin is firm with the guarantee made during Soviet times. Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader of the Soviet Union then.

Many countries in central and east Europe joined NATO. They were also part of the Soviet Union or the influence. Poland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are some of them.

Russia calls this expansion a threat. The presence of NATO troops near its border is also affecting its security.

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