13 people died in the huge explosion in the mining town of Ghana. Local media showed the image of black smoke above flattened buildings. The massive explosion brought everything to ashes.

It was a truck carrying explosives to a gold mine. And there was an accident with a motorcycle near the town of Bogoso. The video showcased mutilating bodies of the victims. It was a destructive accident and recorded casualties.

The aftermath of the deadly Ghana blast shows nothing but ruins of houses. Houses burnt, electricity towers fell, flattened buildings remained in the mining town.

Sedzi Sadzi Amedonu, a Senior Official of the country’s disaster management, called it a ghost town. The mutilated bodies of victims are also depressing. The explosion was so huge that it destroyed 500 houses.

The houses are between Bogoso and the village of Bawdie. 59 people have severe injuries in the Ghana explosion. The number of deaths can increase.

Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana, informed that the military joined the emergency effort to help. However, they are trying their best to provide rapid relief. It is a very unfortunate and tragic incident.

Meanwhile, rescue events are also underway. Evacuation is also running to vacate the area. The nearby classroom churches will serve as shelter homes. They are urging citizens to stay calm in the situation.

The team of army explosion experts were put in service to avoid a second explosion. The government is also trying its best to secure the scene.

When the truck got hit with the accident, it immediately caused fire and explosion. The mishap didn’t give many choices. Fortunately, the truck driver and police escort survived. But, the biker lost his life.

The explosion points out many questions on Ghana’s safety measures. Gold is also one of the main exports in Ghana. Ghana’s busy roads are in use, ignoring all safety precautions. The city of Bogoso had to go through hard times.

Credits: BBC

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