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Nearly 2M partially-vaccinated people against Covid-19 were put under lockdown in Austria because the nation has encountered a surge in covid cases.

Alexander Schallenberg, the Chancellor, said, “We are not taking this step lightly, but unfortunately, it is necessary.”

And only for a limited reason like purchasing foods and works, the unvaccinated people will go outside.

However, 65% of the population of Austria is successfully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, there are more than 800 cases per 100,000 people in terms of the seven-day infection rate, which is the region’s highest.

Precisely, Europe became the region with the most covid-19 cases. Many countries are putting restrictions and warning about the increase in several covid cases.

But the UK, the one with the maximum covid cases, needs to reintroduce limitations. The health leaders are reintroducing the rule for mandatory using face covers in enclosed and crowded places to prevent the winter crisis.

At the weekend, hundreds of people were protesting against Austria’s such measure and are wanting freedom. But, Prof Eva Schernhammer from the Medical University of Vienna said that these measures are a need and warn that within two weeks.

The police will carry out their patrolling in public places, and they will charge fines for the unvaccinated people.

In Germany, the state leaders and federal government will be discussing the new restrictions. In Germany, 67.3% took their respected vaccines.

However, in the Netherlands, there are “lockdown-lite” measures for limiting social contacts because of the rise in infections.

In Dutch, about 84% of adults got their vaccines. Vaccination rates are lower in a few easter nations of Europe.

59% population of Latvia completely their vaccination. But they re-imposed lockdown in the previous month.

According to Our World in Data, only 35% population of Russia got the vaccination. Moscow has shut their shops, schools, and restaurants at October’s end. The workers got offers of 9 days holiday for curbing infections.

Several other countries have come up with strict restrictions for unvaccinated people. In Australia, the state of Queensland is going to bar unvaccinated people from social places from 17th December.

And Singapore said that the ones who are unvaccinated would have to pay their own medical bills from December.

Credits: BBC

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