Taiwanese independence
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While Biden talks positively about the rising economic status of the US, Chinese president XI Jinping warns him about the encouragement of Taiwanese independence. Jinping has labeled this encouragement as “playing with fire” as China deems Taiwan as an isolated island that will reunite with the nation one day. The US, on the contrary, claims to be a helping hand to Taiwan during times of attacks and crises.

The conflict of opinions between the ministry of Biden and the government of China continues to escalate as the China’s state-run global times Mr. Xi opines that the US is trying to use Taiwanese independence as a tool to contain China. He said, “Such moves are extremely dangerous, just like playing with fire. Whoever plays with fire will get burnt.”

Taiwan is an isolated island that survives under the ideology of self-reign. Often counted as a part of China, the island relies heavily on the US for support. The US believes that the welfare of the people of China will bring well-being and wellness to China as a whole.

Despite the ongoing tensions, the leaders of both the nations greeted each other warmly, where Mr. Xi addressed Biden as an old friend. However, the US has firmly raised its voice on other concerns, such as the violation of human rights. Biden has also highlighted the need to keep an eye on the prevalent issues of unfair economic trade in china. For this, the US has become a receptor of banters from China who says that the US is meddling with the internal affairs of the nation.

Yet another issue on the constant use of the word “national security” by Joe Biden needs to stop, says Mr. Xi. He says that Biden is abusive of the concept of national security, which is direct oppression of the Chinese companies. This can have a negative impact on the economy of China. However, it is still under recuperation post the hard-hit of the pandemic.

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