SYDNEY, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Foton Bus Australia has announced a strategic partnership between Foton Bus Australia and The TrueGreen Mobility Group, to form a new company named Foton Mobility Pty Ltd.

In doing so, the partnership has been established to deliver Australia’s first, high quality Hydrogen Powered Buses.

Foton Mobility will introduce a range of Hydrogen bus products in the coming years, commencing in early 2021, with the first 12.5-metre low floor city bus, powered by Toyota Fuel cells.

Foton Mobility will be headed by Neil Wang in the capacity of CEO. Neil is well-known within the transportation industry, with extensive experience in both traditional and new energy buses.

As part of this strategic partnership, Foton Mobility also announces the engagement of Gemilang Australia as Foton Mobility’s engineering, aftersales and technology support partner. This partnership enables Foton Mobility national infrastructure to support the rollout of both Hydrogen bus fleets and hydrogen fuel supply plus reliable and robust aftersales service.

The first four Foton Mobility Hydrogen buses using the Toyota Fuel Cells are currently being manufactured with delivery in Australia scheduled for April 2021.

Orders are now being taken for 2021 deliveries with the ability to produce and deliver up to 200 Hydrogen city buses for Australia this calendar year.

As part of the announcement made today, Foton Mobility has also announced its intent to establish a production facility at the TrueGreen Clean-Tech Manufacturing Village in Moss Vale NSW.

This all-Australian facility will be capable of locally producing hydrogen buses in Australia by Q2, 2022, and will create new, clean-tech jobs for Australia and bolster Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capabilities.

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