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Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s Deputy PM, is offering to quit the parliament. He is set to take this decision after calling the PM “a hypocrite and a liar”. Joyce came up with apologies after the comment hits the public.

He sent this message last year. The text talked about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party. It accounts for the date of 22 March. Morrison rejected the resignation. Healso  called it one of the “frailties,” and none of us are perfect.

Joyce gave his sincere apologies to the Prime Minister. He called a press conference stating, “he should have never written the text”. He also explained his perspective based on assumptions and commentary. The lack of one-on-one working relationships made him think like that.

The leaked screenshot of the text described the PM as “a hypocrite and a liar from my observations, and that is over a long time” “I dislike how he rearranges the truth to a lie.”

The text was between the Deputy PM and Brittany Higgins. She was the former political adviser to Mr. Morrison. Ms. Higgins spoke of the culture of sexism and misogyny in Australian politics.

In the current matter, Morrison immediately accepts the apologies. This is not the first time the Deputy PM fell into controversy. In 2018, he also resigned from the post of Nationals. It was when the news broke out about his affair with a staffer.

Morrison accepting the apologies showcases the toxicity in the parliament. Mr. Joyce also made it to the headlines in 2015. He commented on the extermination of pet dogs. He also spoke on the quarantining policies of pet dogs brought to Australia.

It was when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard brought the pet dogs. It also attracted many of the citizens to the opinions of Barnaby. Irrespective of careless and disturbing action, Joyce still chairs the deputy prime minister.

Credits: BBC

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