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SYDNEY, Feb. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/UserTesting, a leading on-demand Human Insight platform, conducted a survey capturing the responses of Australian men and women around Valentine’s 2021.

The study revealed that a majority of women in Australia have made peace with the unprecedented times, choosing to stay indoors on this day.

Women also said that they would like to spend a quiet evening watching movies, exchanging gifts, and cooking meals with their partners, whereas a majority of men surveyed are looking for romantic getaways on beaches or are planning hiking or other outdoor activities.

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Other findings from the study were:

Men are more excited about Valentine’s Day than women in 2021
In the past year, couples have experienced unexpected restrictions on usual dating activities while following stay-at-home norms, social distancing and working from home.

So, when respondents were asked how excited they are – ranging from Not Excited to Extremely (scale of 1-5), a majority of women (70%) were only somewhat excited (3) while a majority of males (70%) were considerably excited (4).

Bottle of wine, champagne, spirits – popular gift choices in women
The survey showed a wide gap in gender perspectives regarding their gift expectations.

70% of women expressed their likeness for flowers and beverages including a bottle of wine, champagne, spirits etc. as their perfect Valentine gift.

However, with men, there weren’t any popular choices. Chocolates/candies, flowers/plants, gift cards, and beverages were split at 25% each.

C: Laura Ockel – Unsplash

Over-the-top fairy tale romantic ideas a faded concept
The survey also found that 70% of men said that planning a Valentine’s date is a mutual affair with their significant other compared to only 40% of women who said the same.

Another 40% of women and 20% of men stated that they were solely responsible for planning activities, and 10% of men stated activities were planned solely by their partner.

Is Cupid targeting retail over romance?

The survey revealed that romance is losing its sheen to retail too, as the majority (60%) of women wanted to shop on the holiday that is Valentine’s Day, and 40% of men shared the same thoughts.

30% of men & women still believed in celebrating love, however.

The remaining 10% of women, and 30% of men admitted they only celebrate it to make their partners happy.

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