Surprising Duo! AORUS Teams Up with Football Star Sergio Agüero in Esports

TAIPEI, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gaming fever has been sweeping the football world as of late.

Manchester City’s star striker Sergio Agüero is one top athlete who takes his games very seriously, both on and off the field.

As a huge gamer himself, Agüero has been actively participating in competitive gaming during the pandemic through livestreaming games such as FIFA. His livestream was an instant hit, attracting tens of thousands of fans, followers and gamers to watch online.

Agüero’s love for gaming does not end there as he takes another step forward and extends his passion to the field of pro esports.

Devoting a significant amount of time and effort to the esports industry, the global football superstar recently founded a wholly-owned franchise named KRU Esports. The team is planning to enter prominent tournaments and leagues in FIFA 21, Valorant, Rocket League, and CS:GO in the near future.

During an interview, Agüero mentioned that for most of his life he played football, a sport which he enjoyed wholeheartedly.

He hopes his fans can also devote themselves to what they love and enjoy. That is the main reason why he founded KRU Esports to help those who are as passionate about esports as he is to make their esports dreams come true.

To compete at the highest level of technologically demanding games, the team needs the best technology and hardware to power the players.

Agüero learned about AORUS, a top-tier gaming brand powered by GIGABYTE that offers some of the most premium PC hardware with impeccable performance. Through common interests, the two parties got in touch and hit it off from the start.

Surprising Duo! AORUS Teams Up with Football Star Sergio Agüero in Esports
Surprising Duo! AORUS Teams Up with Football Star Sergio Agüero in Esports

With both sides sharing the same values and passion for esports, a new dynamic duo was quickly formed.

By teaming up with AORUS, KRU Esports and Agüero are looking forward to building an esports powerhouse that will dominate regions spanning across Latin America and Europe.

As the team owner, Agüero also joins forces with AORUS in every way now.

Whether on the PC battlestation at home, or the gaming laptop he carries around when travelling, they are all powered by the state-of-the-art hardware from AORUS.

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