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Legendary American Football commentator and coach John Madden has expired at 85, the NFL or National Football League has declared. The federation announced the expiration suddenly and did not give a reason. Madden directed the then-Oakland Raiders to their main Super Bowl accomplishment in 1977. However, it evolved to a hugely prominent TV analyst after he retired from coaching.

He then became the character of Madden NFL Football. However, it is one of the most profitable athletics video games ever. Coach loves football more than anyone; however, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell noted this in a statement. Madden tutored the Raiders from the year 1969 to 1978. He also earned Super Bowl XI when they faced the 1976 regular season with a 13-1 title.

He shows off the best winning ratio of NFL trainers who have received charge of over 100 games. Also, he is possibly the best recalled for his 30 years of profession in commentary after he retires from coaching. Recognized for his simple attitude, Madden toured to games in his vehicle. However, it is because he underwent claustrophobia. Madden also acquired flying anxiety.

Many younger enthusiasts recognize him as the person who offered his name to Madden NFL, released by EA Sports. The video game also became so effective that some coaches and players acquired new moves from playing it. He also became distinguished for his practical gameplay. EA first moved toward Madden with the concept in 1984. However, it took nearly 4 years before his fulfillment with the game.

John Madden covered 11 Super Bowls and earned 16 Emmy Awards from 1979 to 2009. In 2006, the government also inducted him into the Pro American Football Hall of Fame. However, individuals always inquire if he is a broadcaster or a coach, or a video game person. He noted that when he was appointed to the Hall of Fame, he was a coach.

Credits: BBC

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