Galkayo (PP News Desk) —  The Galkayo Police Force had seized improvised explosive devices stored in a house in the northern parts of the region in Mudug, northern Somalia.

Colonel Mumin Abdi Shire, the commander of Mudug Police Division briefed the media about the foiled terrorism activities that Al-shabaab was planning  to carry out in Galkayo.

Galkayo police seized IEDs that Al-shabaab was planning to use for targeted assassinations.

“These objects are improvised explosive devices and mobile phones used to remotely explode bombs. They were kept in a house. Unfortunately, the person who stored explosives had escaped after targeting troops on patrol. We have established the identity of the suspect” said Colonel Mumin.

Colonel Mumin, the Commander of Galkayo Police Division.

Abdilatif Muuse Nur, the Governor of Mudug thanked locals for their cooperation with security forces. “We have markedly diminished Al-shabaab’s capabilities to carry out assassinations in Galkayo. Neither civilians nor non-uniformed soldiers are allowed to carry weapons. Anyone found guilty of not complying with this policy will face punishment,” said the Governor.

North Galkayo authorities have beefed up security in parts of the divided district under Puntland State to identify Al-shabaab cells behind assassinations against government officials.

This article first appeared in the © Puntland Post, 2021 and is republished with permission

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