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TAOYUAN, Taiwan, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Most people want to get rid of ants because they are annoying.

However, there is a man in Taiwan who regards ants as a precious treasure. Not only does he raise a lot of ants at home, but recently he also set up a company, “Empire of ants CO. LTD”, to do all things related to ants.

He is Ray, the founder of the Empire of ants.

Customize tiny formicarium
Customize tiny formicarium

The main business items of the company are mainly the sale of ants, formicaria and related supplies. He has developed many kinds of formicaria and related products based on his own ant breeding skills and experience.

He strives to change people and get more people to join ant farming. He believes that as more and more people raise ants, more people will know about the world of ants and will join the study of ants.

Now his products are not only sold in Taiwan, but are also exported all over the world.

He is committed to speaking out for ants and reducing misconceptions about them.

Ray is a nature lover because of his father. As a child, his father took him to his hometown far from the city. From the very beginning, Ray did not enjoy the time.

With his father by his side, he experienced the fun of nature and he enjoyed the adventure of nature.

When Ray was in high school, he participated in a science fair with ants as the subject of his experiments.

It was his first time to participate in a science fair, but he won the first place, which made Ray started to study and raise ants.

After graduating from university, he took up raising ants as a hobby and documented this time on his blog. When people came across his blog, they would ask Ray if he wanted to sell ants and formicaria, so he started selling them.

In 2013, during his military service Ray set up his own company, Empire Ant Studio, and has been in the ant business ever since.

As a result of observing ants for many years, Ray began to cooperate with different institutions. For example, he found that ants that eat pineapples die easily, so he provided the information to academic institutions in the hope of researching an ant control drug, and an optical electronics factory came to him to ask if they could make panels that are not easily damaged by ants through his knowledge of ants.

Solving problems makes ant farming more worthy of attention.

Now Ray has a bigger plan; he wants to build a Taiwan Ant Museum. Relying on his experience in running an ant empire, he knows how to teach people the importance of proper knowledge and antsImagine when you walk into our ant museum, it’s like walking into an underground ant nest. Walking from the first room to the deepest room, you will know and understand what real ants are and how important they are. And, in our museum, you can see more than 50 species up close and personal.

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