Israel has arrested 19 people of Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian group. It happened in raids over the taken-over West Bank. Also, airstrikes took place against the targets in Gaza Strip.

Airstrikes have killed 11 people, including Tayseer Jabari, the PIJ Leader, and a child. The strikes were an instant threat from that group. They fired rockets from Gaza to Israel at night.

The most recent violence is the serious flare-up between Gaza and Israel.

The Israeli Military warns about the latest incident. They also have warned about the incoming missiles using sirens in the Israeli town. According to Israel, the air strikes are targeting the militants of PIJ.

Hamas, the largest group of militants, shares similar ideas to the Islamic Jihad. And they often coordinate with the theme. Thus, the attackers are not targeting Hamas.

Life in the place has become very hard in the last week. Israel has closed its crossings with Gaza. It fears the Islamic Jihad’s retaliation for arresting one of its leaders.

Hamas is not involved for now. But if it involves, then things will become more intensifying.

The attackers have fired about 200 rockets at Israel. Iron Dome also intercepted most of them without any Israeli casualties.

They have also struck around 30 Islamic Jihad. It included 2 weapon storage facilities and 6 rocket-making sites. Injuries happened to about 78 people. Yair Lapid, the PM of Israel, carried out a counter-terror operation. It was against the instant threat. The conflict may stay long, and things can become harder.

The attacks target the sites connected to PIJ, like the Palestine Tower in Gaza. In addition, the conflict follows Bassam Saadi’s arrest by Israel in the West Bank. Thus, there can be a link between this arrest and the attacks.

Iran has backed PIJ, the most powerful militant group that operates in Gaza. It has headquarters in Damascus, the capital of Syria. Also, it was responsible for several attacks like firing rockets and shooting against Israel.

Credits: BBC

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