Sunni mosque

Sunni mosque in Kunduz encounters a bomb attack in the northern part of the city. The bomb attack killed nearly 33 people and injured 43 civilians, including children. Several attacks were on tail across Afghanistan. Islamic State takes responsibility for all those four attacks.

Taliban came up with the response on how they have defeated IS. The security of the state remains still unsafe in the hands of new rulers. The four attacks wreaked havoc. The explosion at the Sunni mosque is not taken up by any terrorist group yet.

A local shopkeeper remembers the horrifying sight after the explosion.

The country also saw the attack on a Shia Muslim mosque. It was in Mazar-i-Sharif. It killed 31 people, and 87 seriously injured.

IS stated the attack “was part of an ongoing global campaign to “avenge” the deaths of its former leader and spokesman.”

With the Taliban coming to power in Afghanistan, it saw lesser bomb attacks. So it was after the US withdrew its forces.

IS is taking up the bomb attack on the territory of its rivals. It doesn’t own any state in the country. So they are now attacking the regions they never had any control over.

Afghanistan deeply follows Sufism and has practiced it for years. As a result, it gathers a lot of hatred from various Sunni militants. And also from the Shia Muslims.

IS calls it an attempt to punish them as they practice evil elements. Also, they seriously forget the lives of a human no matter what he believes in.

Ramiz Alakbarov calls this” a painful reminder of the insecurity and dangers facing the Afghan people daily”. He is the UN Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Humanitarian.

The use of explosives brings more threats to the life of civilians. However, it discloses the pain of the people of Afghanistan. The Sunni mosque attack saw over 100 casualties. The country also keeps on mourning the death of innocent civilians with no solution to stop these terrorist groups.

Credits: BBC

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