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Benjamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel, has warned that the proposed unity coalition government is aiming to replace him. It would be a danger to the security of the country.

He is also urging fellow right-wingers not to back the deal as Naftali Bennett is saying that he would form a coalition government.

Mr. Netanyahu’s opponents have until Wednesday to build a government. If they become successful, it will bring an end to the ruling of the country’s longest-serving PM. He is facing serious corruption charges and could go to jail. He fell short with the majority at the general election in March. It was the fourth inconclusive vote of the country in two years. However, he again failed to secure the coalition allies.

But his opponents can form a minority government. It is getting the prop up from the Arab members of parliament. Tensions are following the recent Gaza conflict. It is also triggering the inter-communal clashes between the Jews and Arabs.

Some of the Arab politicians are reluctant to join the government of Mr. Bennet. He is supporting the Jewish settlement in the Palestinian West bank. Netanyahu,

Netanyahu is quite well-known for dominating Israeli politics for a generation. He said:

“Don’t form a left-wing government – such a government is a danger to Israel’s security and future.”

While naming the left-wing leaders, he hinted about the weakening of Israel’s security cabinet. He has asked:

“What impact will that have on Israel’s deterrent capability? How will we look to our enemies? What will they say in Iran and Gaza?”

He has accused Mr. Bennett of misleading the public and carrying out “the fraud of the century”. It is also a reference to the Yamina party leader’s previous promise not to join forces with Yair Lapid. He has earlier announced that this party would join the talks to form a unity government.

The PM agrees to do anything to form a national unity government with Yair Lapid. Before this announcement, the media reported that through this deal, Mr. Bennett would replace Mr. Netanyahu. The PM, on the other hand, is giving way to Mr. Lapid for the rotation agreement. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

On Saturday night, the PM’s party made an offer to Mr. Bennett and to the leader of another coalition party to share this partnership. His offer got rejected. Mr. Lapid received a 28-day mandate to form a government. But it got interrupted by the conflict in Gaza.

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