World Trade Center

Over 100 individuals trapped on Wednesday on the top of Hong Kong’s World Trade Center, awaiting release after a fire broke out. Hong Kong cops announced to the BBC that at least 8 individuals had injuries, and they sent them to the hospital. Cops stated that the fire broke out in the device compartment.

Then it shifted to the scaffolding around the facility. The facility is now under restoration. There was no report of fatalities, and rescue processes are still in progress. The eight injured individuals’ ages are between 31 and 72. Cops evacuated a total of 150 individuals so far, as per councils. The government ordered the removal of all the stores during the restoration works, evacuating only different levels of the facility in operation. The stores mainly include offices and restaurants, as per the South China Morning Post.

Cops have classed the fire as a level three occurrence, with five most severely injured people. They reported the flame at the 38-storey World Trade Center on Gloucester Road at lunchtime. Among those in the facility when it spotted fire was Meiling Lai. She was eating lunch at a Chinese cafe on the 12th floor when the fire broke out in the facility.

She stated to the BBC that the fire warning went off nearly 10 minutes after they noticed the smoke in the cafe. Ms. Lai noted the BBC’s Grace Tsoi that they asked the wait faculty what occurred. And they explained that there is fire on something on the lift pole on the fifth floor. However, the wait staff didn’t say the fire had blown up.

No one heard any alarm. A faculty member even noted that they are not evacuating yet, don’t be frightened. She was in the place along with nearly 80 individuals on a platform on the fifth floor, she noted. She also added that they were there before firefighters rescued the group safely.

Credits: BBC

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