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Xi Jinping stated that china’s model of ruling Hong Kong is working out perfectly. He said that the “one country two systems” system is defending the country, and it must last long. He put forward a tough defense for the system of ruling in Hongkong. This was after the fresh international criticism.

Hong Kong is celebrating 25 years of returning to China from Britain. It hosted Mr. Xi taking a trip after two years. Hong Kong deserves to receive autonomy and freedom of speech, and also assembly.

It also deserves to get other main rights. However, China is greatly exercising its power over Hongkong. China got criticized for laws enacted that took away the freedom of speech. The policy of one country, two systems is a result of the accord between China and Britain.

However, the protection period will end in 2047. Mr. Xi mentioned that this policy must get followed for a long time. He defended that this policy is responsible for stabilizing the prosperity of Hong Kong. He added that Hong’s real democracy started after returning to China.

However, the interference of Beijing in Hong Kong’s political system got greatly observed in recent years.

China started a law that took away Hong Kong’s right to speech and dissent. This was a very controversial law. This also made Britain claim that China was disrupting the policy of  “one country, two systems”.

He said, “No people in any country or region in the world would ever allow political power to fall into the hands of forces or individuals who do not love, or would even sell out or betray, their own country.”

The last governor from Britain was Chris Patten. He stated that Mr. Xi’s assertion is ridiculous. John Lee appointed as chief executive of Hong Kong. The 21 membered cabinets also appointed.

It is also occupied by the Beijing leaders. These leaders compromise Hong Kong’s autonomy. They obstruct freedom of expression and assembly.

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