Boris Johnson, UK PM, resigned from his post last Thursday. The Kremlin gave a brief insight on UK PM’s resignation. Boris Johnson was constantly supporting Ukraine since the invasion of Russia. President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov gave his notion on the resignation. He said that UK PM didn’t like Russians. And, there is the same feeling from this side as well.

He also added that the world expects a professional new PM to take charge. At the same time, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that UK PM got hit by the boomerang created by himself.

However, Ukraine spoke a different story. The Ukraine Presidency is thankful for all the help UK PM provided the country in its need.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, even called the UK PM after his resignation. Ukraine portrays his sadness for the resignation. He also thanked Johnson for all the decisive action. He sympathized with the people of Ukraine and helped the country to give a strong fight against Russia.

PM and the president of Ukraine were quite a pair in the past months. Kyiv Minister also gratified the UK from the outgoing prime minister. Dmytro Kuleba stated, “We will always remember his visit to Ukraine in the still dark hour of April. Johnson is a man of no fear, ready to take risks for the cause he believes in.”

The United States President, Joe Biden, also praised the very strength and endurance of Boris Johnson. He called the country allies and partners in all the emerging world problems.

However, Russia continued to be critical of the resignation of the UK Prime Minister. It pointed out Mr. Johnson’s take on UK’s vote to leave the EU. There were many issues in that part of the world before the invasion.

EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michael Barnier, also commented on the resignation of the UK PM.

Credits: BBC

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