SEOUL, South Korea, April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Wifi Foundation announced on the 31st of March that the Wifi Coin developed by the Foundation can now be used when purchasing over 100 famous franchise products with mobile coupons in South Korea.

World Wifi Foundation Pay Wallet World Wifi Foundation Pay Wallet

The World Wifi Foundation introduced Pay Wallet. This allows users to convert Wifi coins to PAY and use them to directly purchase about 3,000 products at over 100 famous franchise affiliates such as gas stations, convenience stores, gift cards, movie theaters, and dining vouchers. The foundation is not only allowing Wifi coins to be used directly at online shopping malls in Korea, but also plans to allow them for offline affiliate recruitment projects. A World Wifi Foundation official said "Users can pay with their own Wifi coins directly at offline affiliates via payment through the QR system" and added, "We expect that the online and offline payment function introduced at this time through Pay Wallet will be recognized as a real-life payment option". In addition, there is also the Wifi Talk feature in the Pay Wallet as a window for online communication between members in accordance with the trends of the non-face-to-face era. It expands the relationship between members by chatting and sharing information at any time and providing a service to quickly access news from the Foundation. In addition, various additional features will be available for free. Young-oh Byun, CEO of the World Wifi Foundation, said, "The mobile pay system through smartphones is expected to grow significantly in the future," and, "We expect that Wifi Coin will play a major role in the development of financial infrastructure in the future in line with this mobile payment era."

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