Bengaluru: A recent study has claimed the degree of consumer satisfaction in India remains the highest with users of OxygenOS from OnePlus (74%) followed by Apple iOS (72%).

The study titled ‘The State of SmartphoneOS Experience’ by CyberMedia Research (CMR), claimed that 55% of Indian smartphone users surveyed believe that Smartphone OS is the key to luxury.

And, of every five users, three are willing to shift to a different smartphone brand, based on operating system (OS) considerations.

The key issues they face are unwanted ads in the OS, pre-installed apps, apps running in the background and other issues, such as lack of storage, overheating and battery drainage issues, among others.

“Consumers prefer the intelligent and nifty tweaks to the OS that enable seamless lag-free experiences, including optimisations aimed at digital wellbeing and optimisations to conserve battery and refine overall user experiences, including while gaming,” said Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR.

According to the findings, smartphone OS as used by Indians is updated primarily to boost performance, and to ensure security.

Most people run a variety of applications on their OS, among which social networking, shopping, entertainment and gaming options are the game changers.

“Major barriers for updating OS have been poor wi-fi connection network, lack of storage space, and abnormal battery drainage issues,” said the study based on an extensive survey conducted by CMR, across New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad, covering 1,226 smartphone users in the 18 – 40 age group.

“Today’s consumers put a premium on their mobileOS and are seeking smooth, uninterrupted ad-free experiences. The OxygenOS on OnePlus imparts a smooth experience such as reading mode, gaming mode and facilitates digital wellbeing through its Zen mode,” said Amit Sharma, Analyst, Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR.

This article first appeared in the NFA Post and is republished with permission.

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