Ukraine Support

Joe Biden will be joining western leaders to discuss Ukraine’s Support. The summit will focus on Russia-Ukraine warfare after the three-month invasion. US President will also take part in three meetings; Nato, the G7, and the EU.

Russian invasion has challenged the Western power to unite. The defensive NATO has gained purpose with this war. The Ukraine President will also join via video link to all the meetings.

The Nato’s 30 presidents and prime ministers will be together in one room. It is for Ukraine’s Support and providing adequate troops.

It is for the service the help for Eastern allies. Their goal also aligns to provide Ukraine support.

The United Kingdom states the G7 and Nato. The meetings will also be “enhance lethal defensive aid to Ukraine.”

The alliance made it clear. It would not become more direct. Also, Mr. Zelensky’s repeated for a no-fly zone. It is above Ukraine support.

Nato will react if Russia. It escalates the situation in Ukraine. There will also be an attack on a Western weapons convoy. The use of chemical weapons and the deployment of nuclear weapons.

30,000 Nato troops from 25 nations have been training in Norway. Also, it has been for the past few weeks. It is part of Operation Cold Response. There was a long-planned exercise. They explain now take on greater significance.

However, the essential distinction is that Norway has a “collective defense”. It is how one is up for an attack on all.

“I think an exercise like this is quite good to have, to show countries like Russia… that you don’t want to mess with Nato,” said Peder, a young Norwegian conscript.

NATO leaders are concentrating on how to strengthen their defenses. They have also sent thousands more troops to the eastern flank. It is as well as increased air defense.

However, Sweden and Finland are nations that are not members of Nato. It is for sending troops to the exercise in Norway.

There is the aftermath of Russia’s invasion. They will also look into the creeping closer to Nato.

Credits: BBC

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