Top executives from the major Western oil companies are about to testify before the US congress. It is now facing accusations that they have misled the public regarding climate change.

The Democrat lawmakers say that the hearings will further focus on the decade-long denial of the leading role of the industry’s products in fuelling up climate change.

The companies are saying that they are hoping to use the hearing the highlight the recent efforts to address climate change. This is coming up just before the start of the UN’s COP26 climate conference.

The Glasgow meeting will play a crucial part in determining the efforts to avoid climate change. World leaders will put pressure on their plans to make a cut in the emission of greenhouse gas and to reduce global warming.

The hearings are also about to coincide with the efforts of president Joe Biden to pass a flagship pending bill. The leaders of Congress are racing to find a compromise with the moderate Democrats and Republicans on the climate provision.

The hearing on Thursday will be held by the House of Representatives Oversight Committee. The CEO of Exxon, BP America, and Chevron and the president of Shell, and the lead of the American Petroleum Institute will also offer evidence.

Democratic Representative Ro Khanna said the hearing was the start of a long investigation.

“The idea is for them to admit to the American people what they have done,” he said.

Recently, some of the major companies have publicly supported the actions to reduce climate change. Mr. Khanna also said the inquiry would involve other industries like advertising and social media.

Democrats have already drawn parallels with the investigation of the House’s Big Tobacco in the 1990s. Ahead of the hearing on Thursday, the companies says that they were cooperating with the investigation and committed to participation. All of the companies have also said that they have commitments to reduce greenhouse emissions.

The BP said they are “deeply committed to combating climate change and promoting clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency, and… have taken significant steps to reduce emissions and embrace climate-forward business strategies.”

Credits: BBC

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