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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin continues to put a strong hand on Ukraine’s regions. As a result, the Russian army has weakened in Ukraine. But Vladimir Putin is all set to continue the invasion of Ukraine. This clears one thing that war will continue to go on.

In the March of this year, Vladimir Putin sent his army to seize the regions of Ukraine. After failed attempts to seize Kyiv, the army contemplated seizing the Donbas region of the country.

Ms. Haine, US’s top intelligence officer, said, “Mr. Vladimir Putin still has the same goals as the ones he held at the start of the conflict…

We perceive a disconnect between Vladimir Putin’s near-term military objectives in this area and his military’s capacity, a kind of mismatch between his ambitions and what the military can accomplish”

Vladimir Putin continues to focus on seizing the territories of Ukraine in the name of the NDA alliance. He is also falsifying that Ukraine attempted to carry out genocide against Russian speakers.

Russian forces continue to make gains over the city. They continue to seize the area of Severodonetsk. We will see an emerging protest from Ukraine forces.

Ms. Haine also pointed out that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will continue to be grim and extended over a long time. Russia wishes to make accumulative gains with almost zero breakthroughs. However, there is an immediate need to stabilize the Ukraine frontline.

Vladimir Putin may also try to use asymmetric tools like cyber attacks and try to control energy resources. Make use of nuclear weapons and such.

The good news for Ukraine is that NATO leaders continue to stand with it. This will boost its war presence. There is also an invitation to Finland and Sweden to join forces with NATO. It is still early to say how Vladimir Putin is going to respond to it.

This alliance is one of the biggest overhauls. US President Biden supported NATO expansion towards all regions. There is a high possibility of Nordic countries joining forces.

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