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All the foreign troops left in Afghanistan after the September withdrawal deadline of Nato will be at risk, as per the Taliban. It is coming amid the reports of 1000 mainly US troops that could remain on the ground for protecting the diplomatic missions in Kabul’s international airport.

The 20-year military mission of Nato in Afghanistan has ended. But the violence in the country continues to rise as the Taliban is taking more territory. Under a deal with the militant group, the US and Nato allies have agreed to withdraw all the troops. It took place in return for a commitment from the Taliban not to allow al-Qaeda or any other groups in this area.

President Joe Biden has set a deadline of 11 September for the US troops to withdraw fully. But the reports are suggesting that this pullout may get completed within days. As the Afgan forces are preparing to take charge of the security alone, the concern is growing for Kabil’s future.

The Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said the seizing of the Kabul military was “not Taliban policy.”

He also said that no foreign forces, including the military contractors, must remain in the city after the completion of the withdrawal. Mr. Shaheen said, “If they leave behind their forces against the Doha agreement then in that case, it will be the decision of our leadership how we proceed.”

The diplomats, NGOs, and other foreign civilians should not get targeted. There is no need for an ongoing protection force for them. He said, “We are against the foreign military forces, not diplomats, NGOs and workers and NGOs functioning and embassies functioning – that is something our people need. We will not pose any threat to them.”

Mr. Shaheen has described the withdrawal from the Bagram Airfield as a historic moment. But Farzana Kochai, a female MP, said this withdrawal took place irresponsibly. The Afgan Government spokesperson Razwan Murad said that the government was ready for the talks and ceasefire. Hence the Taliban should now prove that they were committing for peace.

Mr. Shaheen has denied that the militant group has played any part in the recent violence. He insisted that many of the districts had fallen to the Taliban through meditation. The Taliban has captured another area in the southern Kandahar province. The Taliban spokesperson has described the current government as the “moribund”. Mr, Shaheen said the elections have so far not raised the negotiations with the Taliban and Afgan government.

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