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From Monday, only US residents and citizens can travel from the nation. This ensures a comparable flight prohibition compelled by the UK and the EU. Canada is also launching travel regulations. The World Health Organization before announced the fresh variant “of concern”, calling it Omicron. In an announcement, President Joe Biden named the action a “precautionary measure”. Canada is also closing its boundaries to foreign tourists, who visited south African countries recently.

Canada will not allow Foreign inhabitants if the citizens visit the seven countries in the past 14 days. South Africa’s health ministry has denounced the hurry to compel new travel regulations. The health ministry named them “draconian”, and opposite to WHO advice. Scientists assert they still have much to know about the new mutations of the virus. The WHO announced that preliminary information recommended the new variant transmitted a greater chance of reinfection than other variants.

Scientists stated that it is the extensively heavily mutated version. That means corona vaccines, which were created utilizing the actual strain from Wuhan, China, may be ineffective. The WHO declares they have the report of less than 100 sample series.

Most of the cases are primarily occurring in South Africa. Belgium, Botswana, Israel, and Hong Kong also report rising cases. Most of the Covid-19 cases in South Africa are from its most populated region, Gauteng.

Joe Phaahla is the South African Health Minister. He notified reporters that the flight prohibitions against the south African countries were not reasonable. Health administrators in the Netherlands notified that passengers on two KLM flyings from South Africa to Amsterdam were probably corona positive.

Ruth Daines-Slack, 70, reserved to fly to the UK from Cape Town. She booked the flight for Christmas and her mom’s 100th birthday party. Also, she notified the BBC she was beyond upset that she couldn’t make the tour. She also added that the UK’s travel prohibition is a knee-jerk response.

Credits: BBC

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