Winter Olympics

China has criticized an intended US prudent boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Mr. Zhao denounced the US for violations on Tuesday at a media briefing. He noted that the proposed boycott was just based on rumors and lies. Uncertainties are high between both nations. The US has condemned China of racial killing in its repression of the mainly Muslim Uyghur minority.

It happened in the western province of Xinjiang. China has strongly denied this allegation. The Women’s Tennis Association canceled all events last week in China because of considerable suspicions about Ms. Peng’s protection. High-level administration diplomats from America and other nations are also attending the Olympic Games.

On Chinese social networking sites and Weibo, they edited the search issue “US diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics”. They deleted most of the statements below a post on the statement. They leave only 8 out of close to 1,500 statements unchanged. China had also strived to take the link out of this by rejecting such action as insignificant. Administrators said Covid regulations meant Beijing. The IOC wasn’t bringing on any celebrities anyway.

You can anticipate this ruling, criticized as yet another indication of a Cold War mentality. But it was impossible that Joe Biden or any senior politicians would come to events. The events hosted by an administration he said are committing the racial killing. London does not condemn Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Communist government of racial killing. However, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has stated just that in personal discussions.

The Biden government’s prudent boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics drops far short of the last US boycott in 1980. The last Boycott brought its athletes out of the Moscow Olympics to boycott the Soviet attack on Afghanistan last year. The Soviet Union and its supporters, in turn, protested the additional 1984 Summer Olympics occurring in Los Angeles.

Credits: BBC

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