Joe Biden
Joe Biden

It is worth noting that the elections in US come after every four years unlike some parts of the world where the elections are held in every five years. Talking about the US Presidential Elections that were held in 2020, it is worth noting that they saw Joe Biden become the President of the country and soon after that, the pandemic started which was a huge litmus test for the incumbent President and it is fair to say that the situation was handled quite well by the Biden Administration in the US. Prior to that, Donald Trump was the President of the US who still has one term left after which he can’t run for presidency again.

Talking about the US Presidential Elections to be held in 2024, Joe Biden has officially announced that he will run for Presidency once again meaning that if he is re-elected, he will become the US President till 2028 and serve two terms back-to-back just like Barack Obama did from the same party before Trump was elected. Talking about the situation with Donald Trump, it is worth noting that while it has not been officially announced, Donald Trump is most likely to run for 2024 US Presidential Elections. This means that we will see the fight between Trump and Biden once again next year.

While the reports of Biden running for US Presidential Elections are related to the US, they have a huge impact on other parts of the world including Taiwan as well. It is worth noting that the US President Joe Biden has already pledged unconditional support for Taiwan to fight against China and not let the Chinese invade Taiwan. This was not the case with Trump administration who were not as clear in their support for Taiwan. Also, it is worth reminding that the US army was withdrawn from Afghanistan under the Biden administration which is a move criticized to this day by many as soon after that, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. It is worth noting that Biden declared running for Presidency again after consulting doctors at the White House who examined him as “fit for duty”.

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