US President to visit Israel
US President to visit Israel

In a show of strength and support for the people and the government of Israel, the US President Joe Biden is going to visit the country in something that is unprecedented because of the fact that the country is currently going through a war with the border regions of Gaza and fighting the militants of Hamas every day and still the US authorities have allowed their President to visit in such a situation. It is worth noting that there are hundreds of rockets being shelled from both the sides every day and if anything at all goes wrong then the consequences can be dire.

However, it is worth noting that the US has already supported Israel a lot and this is also a huge sign of support but you should also note that the US President is coming to Israel for some sort of negotiation talks as well. The US wants a ceasefire in the Gaza region but Israel is adamant on destroying the Hamas terrorists. While the US has not withdrawn its support, they are trying to convince the Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu to have some sort of an agreement because of the pressure from countries like Saudi Arabia on a possible ceasefire.

A report from Bloomberg mentions the same as well. It reads that the US President is trying to accomplish four main agendas on his visit. “First, they want to give succor to Israel in its hour of need. Second, they’re trying to get the hostages held by Hamas out alive — and not just the US citizens among them. Third, they’re working to protect innocent Palestinian lives in the Gaza Strip. Not least, they’re also laboring to keep this war from drawing in other countries and becoming conflated with adjacent conflicts, possibly even kindling a global conflagration”. It is also worth noting that at a time when the US’ powers are depleting in the eyes of the people, including its own, it wants to reestablish the fact that it is still as much of a superpower as it was few decades back and this might be the best way to show its strength.

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