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Joe Biden, US President, will soon be meeting the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on Friday. This can be a controversial move from the side of the United States. The discussion focuses on the attempt to establish a better relationship with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. During Trump’s rule, the relationship hit a low end.

US President will meet both the crown prince and his father. All of this stands contradictory when Mr. Biden pledged to make Saudi a Pariah after the death of Jamal Khashoggi. The prince was under the accusation of his involvement in the murder case. However, there will not be enough proof.

To move on to a newer aspect, US President will be discussing topics such as human rights, power reserve, and security collaboration. Mr. Biden will also be meeting President Abbas in Bethlehem. This meeting holds great importance between the US and Palestinians. It is a remarkable move from the United States after the freezing of ties over the Washington office of PLO. Also, it was one of the main bodies which represented the Palestinians. It happened in the year 2018 during the Trump administration.

At the same time, Palestinians are viewing this meet and greet with a different motto. They want the US to start peace talks with Israel. They want the United States to reopen the US consulate in Jerusalem. It will be like a de facto embassy for the Palestinians. It got shut down under Trump’s administration in the year 2019.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil producer, with Russia strained on the exporting oil to western countries. The price of oil has risen. The US will attempt to influence officials more production and supply oil at lower prices.

Last Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced launching airspace for commercial flights to Israel. It was a decision to welcome the US. The country will open all carriers to meet the requirement of overflight insight.

Credits: BBC

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