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The US government will now sell arms and weaponry to Taiwan. It is worth 1.1 billion dollars. This is a huge move. The move has reportedly angered China.

Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei last month. She is the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. She also became one of the most senior US officials to visit Taipei in almost 25 years. The deal came to life after the visit. It includes a radar system and anti-ship and anti-air missiles.

China is now enraged because of this deal. The Chinese embassy in Washington told the US government to cancel the deal. The embassy also warned the US of serious countermeasures. This deal “severely jeopardizes” relations between the two countries, as per Liu Pengyu.

This is a major geopolitical situation. Beijing believes Taiwan is an integral part of China. It can do anything to get it back. China conducted large-scale military drills near Taiwan because of Pelosi’s visit.

There is a radar warning system costing about 655 million dollars. There are 60 Harpoon missiles worth 355 million dollars. These missiles can sink ships. Pentagon says that there are 85.6 million dollar worth of Sidewinder missiles.

The US government believes that this deal is key to Taiwan’s security. The US also wants Beijing to stop its military and diplomatic pressure. The solution will come through dialogue, the US government says.

Wall Street Journal reported on a task force created by Pentagon. The task force’s task is to fast forward the sales of arms to its foreign friends. Taiwan’s orders had gone unfulfilled. The US government is also trying to fulfill them now.

The US government is trying to help Taiwan. It is also trying to give aid to Ukraine amid this war. But the US is also annoying both Russia and China. So we do not know how the geopolitical situation will unfold now.

Credits: BBC

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