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Two top US generals have said that they are recommending keeping a force of 2500 troops in Afghanistan; she’s the full US withdrawal. Testimony of Gen Mark Milley and Gen Frank McKenzie to Congress seems to contradict President Joe Biden. However, Biden said that he did not recall any such kind of advice.

The Taliban took power in August. Since then, they have been rapidly advancing in the country. Gen Milley has said that the US is quite surprised by the speed of the collapse of the Afghan government.

The Senate of armed service committee and the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin he questioned two US generals. The hearing is coming weeks after a much chaotic withdrawal at Kabul Airport as the foreign powers have sought to get their citizens at home. Thousands of Afghans have begged for the rescue.

A suicide attack has killed 182 people during the operation withdrawal. Thirteen US service personnel and Afghans have died at the airport gate.

Gen. Mc Kenzie, the head of US Central Command, had overseen the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has recommended keeping a small force of 2500 troops in Afghanistan.

This is happening contradictory to President Joe Biden’s assertion. He also said that he did not recall anyone giving him such kind of advice. Gen Milley has said that he agrees with the recommendation.

Later, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki addressed this issue. She said that the president values the candid advice of the joint chiefs and the military. However, that does not mean he always agrees with them.

Gen Milley said that he assessed late 202 that an accelerated troop withdrawal from Afghanistan probably precipitated the collapse of the government.

Both he and Mr. Austin testified the speed of the collapse. Mr. Austin said they helped to build a state, but they could not forge a nation.

In the wake between the fall of Kabul and the deadline withdrawal on 31st August, the US had evacuated its 4000 troops. It is also taking 50000 Afghan refugees. 20 people died in the crowds who gathered at the airport days after the Taliban conquest.

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