hunt jihadists

US President Joe Biden came up with his promise to hunt jihadists, who have been behind the attack in Kabul. In this attack, he killed 90 people and 13 US troops. Mr. Biden warns that the US will not forgive them. The twin blasts tore through the crowd of men, women, and children outside the airport of Kabul.

They were hoping to become the party of 100000 who have been airlifted. The jihadists groups repeatedly warned about an attack. US troops in control of Kabul international airport were facilitating the evacuation of the Afghans. They were also aiming to complete this task within 31st august.

Several countries from Europe have already announced the end of their evacuation plan. The UK said that it would not process any further applications. Mr. Biden also took his vow to complete the evacuation mission.

He said that the US Military had ordered the attack on the leadership, facility, and assets of an Islamic group, Islamic State Khorasan. It is active in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The group has been a part of the global IS network. But it has local links with even the Taliban. But they have accused the Taliban of abandoning their battlefield in favor of the settlement.

The attack began at 18:00 as per the local time. It also targeted the collaborators and translators with the American army.

The first blast took place at the Abbey gate. A second one also took place at a hotel which the British officials used to process the evacuation. Survivors described the horror of the attack. Pictures of this attack can be seen on social media. Hospitals have flooded with the injured.

Thirteen US troops have been killed during this time. Hence the order of Biden to hunt jihadists is coming after this attack. This attack is more likely to complicate the evacuation process. There are 5800 troops on the ground at Kabul airport. They have evacuated 104000 civilians. 5000 people are waiting at the airport. However, many others are still trying to get into the checkpoints.

Credits: BBC

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