North Korea

North Korea is putting the issue to the test rigorously. The US and South Korea launch eight missiles to warn North Korea of its action. South Korea’s President stands to affirm against the test of ballistic missiles in North Korea. He responded that they would try their level best to protect the lives of citizens from North Korea’s evil plan.

He also pointed out that North Korea’s missile programs are reaching a threatening point. They must stop it before it is too late. This can cause havoc not only in the Korean Peninsula but also in Northeast Asia and the world.

North Korea recently fired missiles on the east coast. In response to that, the US and South Korea launched ATACMS. It is Army Tactical Missile System. The move was to show South Korea’s power and its alliance with the United States. The display of power was necessary to remind North Korea of the neighbor’s alliance and reach.

President Yoon will take more action to stop North Korea from testing missiles. The firing of almost dozens of missiles will no longer take into consideration. Many ballistic missiles were also put under the test.

UN continues to prohibit the northern side of Korea from testing nuclear weapons, but it continues with the test. In addition, the frequency of testing rose last month. Due to this, South Korea and the US will strictly respond to any more testing.

Leif-Eric Easley stated, “The allies have quickly responded to the recent missile firings with counter launches that demonstrate combined readiness for precision strikes against the origin of an attack”. He is a professor of international studies at Ewha University in Seoul. The real challenge against the allies is to convince Northern Korea. The country also needs to return to nuclear talks. The dispute between the two Koreas continues to aggravate, and this is not at all a good sign.

Credits: BBC

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