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Thousand of protesters are campaigning for gun safety reforms in the United States. Many campaigners are calling it an important step forward. Every year many citizens fall prey to reckless shooting and get injured.

The bill, if getting passed, will also include illegal gun purchases for buyers below 21. The opposition brought this bill on Sunday. However, 10 Republicans currently support the proposals. Even President Biden stands to affirm the plan and calls it in the right direction.

The country is trying to tighten gun safety laws. Yet, the country has the highest rating of a firearms death record. And, Congress failed to bring any legal reforms. Yet, the recent two mass shootings called out for these reforms.

Mr. Hoggs tells BBC that it will not stop all shootings in the United States, but we hope there will be no Parkland kind of massacre.

Ms. Gifford, a civilian and victim of firearm shootings, calls this a great reform. However, in almost 30 years, Congress is doing something in this arena. This will put a halt to reckless shooting affected by a brain injury. This policy will also protect the American problem with one of the most occurring crimes.

There was another tweet from Mom Demand Action, “Our grassroots army is ready to fight like hell to make sure it becomes law. 26 years for federal action on gun safety is unacceptable.”

A Democrat and Senate Chuck Schumer calls it a great step toward the development. Both parties are coming together to pass the bill, and it will most probably become the law. In the US, irrespective of high firearms death, the constitution tends to protect the gun holder. “Keep and bear arms”.

The upper chamber is falling into the division of 50-50 of both parties. The parliament also needs only 60 votes to surpass the filibuster. However, the drafting of legislation in protection from gun bearers will bring down the number of homicides.

Credits: BBC

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