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The security council, the UN, voted to ban small weapon sales. It is calling for non-state actors. At the same time, a proposal by China on a full embargo on weapon sale got rejected. Haiti records the death of 89 people. The death rate has been high in the Port-au-Prince Capital region. The aid agency has named many areas that continue to be dangerous.

US and Mexico brought in the proposal to the UN. The resolution was soon adopted by the UN. The sanction also includes travel bans and freezing of assets. The gang leader and human rights abuser will no longer be able to access weapons. It will soon mandate from travel band and asset freezing of the Haiti gang leaders. The human rights abuses put behind the prison.

Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the entire western hemisphere. Gang violence will only alleviate the problem of the nation. The nation was also already recovering from the shock of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Last few days, hundreds of protestors burned the tire and blocked roads. It concerns the urgent action for restoring the supply of petrol. Haiti continues to be the main fuel terminal. Unfortunately, though, the nation channelized a severe wave of gang violence.

The rivalry between the two gangs turned bad. The Varreux terminal focused on the Cite Soleil area. It led to the petrol shortage. The unrest with the poverty of the nation has left Haitians to suffer. The country will also have a hard time recovering from the violence.

The mayor of the destructed Cite Soleil explains the two criminal alliances. The gangs involved goes by the name G9 and G-Pep. They were responsible for wreaking havoc on the nation. UN passing the proposal to ban the sale will also put an end to this condition. The gang battle triggered protests and led to fuel shortages.

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