Russian troops

Ukraine President demands Russian troops to surrender. The president announces in a night TV address. The Russian troops are also facing serious casualties. The president also informs about the knowledge of what the other troops want.

He also added anyone who surrendered would be treated “like individuals. However, in a respectful way. Mr. Zelensky also paid tribute to Marina Ovsyannikova. She is the lady who disrupted Russian official television news. She branded an anti-war sign. He also expressed gratitude to Russians who continuously transmit the truth. And the one who resisted deception.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko also chastised Nato. They are also failing to implement a no-fly zone. It was during the video chat with UK Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson and representatives from the multinational Joint Expeditionary Force were also part of it. Mr. Zelensky calls NATO the strongest alliance in the world. But, he also addresses some of its members to get hypnotized. It is for the Russian aggressiveness. However, Vladimir Putin’s invasion weakened European security infrastructure. Russian troops bombarded peaceful cities. It is just for the fears of World War Three.

However, another diplomatic move is on the action. The prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia are to meet in Kyiv. They will also meet with Mr. Zelensky.

According to the Polish government, the visit was designed to “affirm the unequivocal support of the entire European Union for Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, as well as to deliver a broad package of support for the Ukrainian state and society.”

Mr. Zelensky addressed the Russian invaders, saying, “We hear your talks in the intercepts, we hear what you think about this pointless war, this shame, and your state.” As a result, he also stated, he was providing them with an option on behalf of the Ukrainian people.

Credits: BBC

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