nuclear plant

Ukraine’s nuclear plant is at Zaporizhzhia. Unfortunately, the nuclear power plant is not in good condition.

The Emergency workers are also tense. They are gathering at a supermarket car park. They wore yellow hazmat suits.

We know that the situation at the nuclear plant is critical. Radioactive contamination is always a possibility. The emergency workers are practicing cleaning drills to ward off this event.

Herman Halushchenko holds the post of Energy Minister in Ukraine’s cabinet. He is very concerned with the situation of the nuclear plant.

He says, “The situation changed dramatically when the Russians started shelling the area on 5 August.”

It is probably Europe’s biggest nuclear powerplant site. The Russians have occupied it. It is under their control since early March. This adds to the critical situation of the nuclear plant.

The workers there are working under tremendous conditions. They are trying to hold back the dangers associated with the plant. But they are “being kept at gunpoint”.

Russia’s invasion is still going on. There has been extensive shelling near the plant. The sides continue to play the ‘blame game’.

NATO has called for UN inspectors to inspect the nuclear plant. NATO claims that the seizure of the plant is dangerous. It poses a threat to neighboring countries as well.

Denys Monastyrskyy is Ukraine’s Interior Minister. He mentioned that the safety of the plant was not assured. It is because Russian forces still occupy it.

The plant is also cut off from power. This poses another serious threat. Mexico is directing the electricity to Crimea.

The car park at the supermarket is the first place for people. Those people who have saved themselves from the Russians. It is also acting like a small hub.

All the major activities are happening simultaneously at the car park. In addition, preparations for a nuclear crisis are also underway.

With the nuclear power plant occupied by Russians, we have to see its fate whether it leads to another Chernobyl, or not.

Credits: BBC

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