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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the UN General Assembly. It took place in New York City. He said that Russia should face ‘just punishment’ for its actions and invasion of Ukraine. The President wanted a special war tribunal. He also said that Russia should get just punishment worldwide.

300,000 reservists came to duty in Russia. Mr. Vladimir Putin called them. This move also showcases that Russia is not in for peace talks. There were some minor protests here and there. However, just punishmentZelensky believes this shows the true nature of Russia.

The reservists or call-ups should have some military background. They should have some combat skills or other life-taking or life-saving skills. On the other hand, Zelensky said that a tribunal could hold Russia accountable for its actions. The address also got a standing ovation.

The war also saw the most significant number of exchanges of prisoners. Reportedly, Saudi Arabia helped sign this deal. However, 215 fighters got back to Ukraine. 55 soldiers got back to Russia. From the 215, 108 belonged to the Azov battalion. They also defended Mariupol and the steel plant.

A prisoner also came forward to tell the story of how they managed themselves. However, the conditions were brutal. They had to live in a cell. Many people share the same cell. They slept on the floor. They were also mostly restricted to the cell. This prisoner got his freedom in July.

Mr. Zelensky also spoke about the new graves. There are 445 graves in Izyum. He continued to address the war crimes committed. He also referred to castrations done by the Russian army.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is on a different level now. Many factors can affect the outcome. The geopolitical situation is very unstable and fragile. We should first see where the wind flows and then decide our opinion.

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