Russian missile

The shocking Russian missile strike in Ukraine kills 21 in the regions of Odesa. The atrocities from Putin and the army are taking the face of evil plans. The death reports of 21 people also include a child. Another inhumane attempt from Russia to acquire more regions of Ukraine.

DSNS, state emergency service, confirms the death of 16 individuals by one Russian missile. The village of Serhiyivka was greatly affected by the strike by a Russian missile.

In the last few days, Putin and the army have fired dozens of Russian missiles. The Ukraine cities are under the continuous radar of Russian missiles. At the same time, Russia continues to deny any missile hitting civilian targets.

A resident, Yulia Bondar, calls out, stating, “We heard three explosions, and now there is nothing left of the recreation center; the village is very quiet; we never thought this could happen.”

DSNS also confirmed that a Russian missile hit Serhiyivika at about 01:00 yesterday. They also telecasted the ruins left after the missile strike. They were taking the dead bodies outstation. There were 38 injured, including 6 children. It is just immensely inhumane. Russia is targeting people with the missile.

DSNS Spokeswoman Maryna Martynenko telecasted that the missile had led to damage to the external wall of the building. Also, a shop in the neighborhood was on fire after the missile struck the area.

The building had 150 residents. 60 rescuers are currently working on the site. The boy killed in the strike was just 12 years. It is also incredibly painful to see humanity dying in Ukraine.

Ukraine officials confirm the launch of three Russian missiles. It was over the black sea-launched by Russian warplanes. They also used Soviet-era X-22 missiles to bombard the area.

Gennadiy Turkhanov, the City mayor, brought it to the notice of BBC that no military installation was in the area. No radar station located near Serhiyika. Russia’s Defence Minister also continued to insist on the existence of a military installation.

Credits: BBC

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