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Ukraine shows disagreement with the UN’s Nuclear watchdog role. Rafael Grossi informed the press about Ukraine’s invitation to the nuclear plant. The plant is in the city of Zaporizhzhia. The plant is under the control of Russian forces. Whether the allegation is true or not is still a question. Dr. Grossi explained that it is absurd. He said to BBC, “It’s a war, and there are emotions, and people have very strong positions…

But he claimed his organization had a contractual obligation to perform safety inspections, arguing that this is not a “courtesy invitation that can or cannot be extended”. The tweet confirms the nuclear watchdog stating, Ukraine requested us, and we will go there.

IAEA functions under the UN. It serves as a nuclear watchdog to safeguard the use or effect of nuclear technology worldwide. And, Energoatom is a Ukraine-State-based company. It accused the IAEA that there was no invitation from them. Also, the UN’s nuclear watchdog is just making up the case in favor of Russia. Russian media has also confirmed the active relation of the nuclear watchdog to the authorities.

Russia, in an attempt to invade Ukraine, seized the power plant. Any visit to it will just confirm the Russian control over it. Though the radiation is being moderated and building infrastructure stands intact. The outcry was, what if Russia demolish the plant that could kill thousands of people.

The invasion now disregards the transfer of any safety data from the power plant. Mr. Grossi also pointed out the safety concerns at the Zaporizhzhia power plant.

Energoatom also informs that the stoppage of transmission of safety data was under the IAEA consent. Therefore, it is working in favor of Russia. However, Grossi calls it a careless statement, and Ukraine is looking at emotion more than a logical perspective.

IAEA, though informs that radiation detectors are back online. It was after Ukraine took control.

CRedits: BBC

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