NATO weapons

Ukraine will soon come up with a strong military army with aid from NATO weapons. The comments from the defense minister discuss a concrete offense. The minister also discusses Russian gain in the eastern Donbas regions. There is a continuous pound in areas related to Ukraine.

The Black Sea coast will see the vitality in the country’s economy. The Times Newspaper delivers the need to speed up. The praise is on the United Kingdon and bringing stronger yet NATO weapons standards. The air defense system and ammunition also focus on Ukraine and Russia war. The effective NATO weapons standards bring details to the defense system.

There was also a discussion on the urgency of the situation. The defense minister focuses on the national guard. The police and border guard will depend on NATO weapons, making it a million strong. The analyst concerned about the million face value.

The Royal United Services, Senior Research fellow, discussed, “It’s not a million-strong force that will be conducting a counter-attack. Normally you would want an operational surprise when you launch a counter-attack, so announcing it publicly is partly about forcing the Russians to have to commit resources more widely to guard against this threat.”

Russia’s offensive and countless attempts to invade Ukraine. Donetsk region will also focus on the bloody incident. The block of flats in the reported areas will be about 26 people. The nine people were also rescued from under the rubble.

Last Monday, three people and 31 were also wounded in the residential area. Kharkiv, the eastern city, stuck in Russian shells. The regional governor brought this to the notice.

There will be an addition to the politician. The intervention in the military campaign comes from NATO. Western politicians are all set to aid Ukraine with NATO. This will also strengthen Ukraine’s position in the war with Russia.

Credits: BBC

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