fishing rights row

The UK has taken all the preparations for legal action against France over the ongoing hustles of the fishing rights row. The Foreign Secretary of Liz Truss has confirmed this decision.

Last month, Jersey and the UK had denied the permits for dozens of the French boats to work in their waters.

Moreover, in retaliation, France has threatened to block any of the British boats from some of its ports. Also, he cut the electricity to Jersey.

Ms. Truss has said that France was acting unfairly to set a deadline for the issuing of more fishing permits.

Officials in Paris are saying that unless this happens by the period of Tuesday, they will opt for an action.

On the other hand, the representatives from the UK, France, European Commission, and the Channel Islands will further hold talks.

A spokesperson from the commission has said that this meeting will bring about an easy solution for the further outstanding issues.

France has further accused the UK of making some political choices with the rejection of more than 40% of applications for the boats of France that adds up to the fishing rights row.

But Ms. Truss has said that they have awarded fishing licenses to French boats following the post-Brexit deal with the UK and EU.

She further added that they would not simply roll over in the face of such threats. On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson met for 30 minutes during the G20 summit. However, they have failed to resolve the problem.

The government of the UK has that it way up to France for drawing back from the threats, while Mr. Macron has instilled the presence of the ball in Britain’s court.

The UK-French tensions were further inflamed on Friday. It has emerged from the letter that came from French PM Jean Castex to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Mr. Johnson has said that he was puzzled enough to read such a letter from French PM. Fishing has become a highly sensitive political issue. France has seized a British trawler and found another one during checking off at Le Havre.

Credits: BBC

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