The UK has now fully vaccinated more that five million people with a second dose of one of several available COVID-19 vaccines.
Almost 32 million others have had at least one dose of a vaccine.
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COVID-19 continues to claim lives around the world

In numbers being released by the UK government, this means that around 10% of the adult population of the country is now covered and no longer in danger from contracting the coronavirus.

Reports also indicate that daily deaths from the virus have dropped to a six month low.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in marking the five million milestone Tweeted, “I urge everyone to take up their second dose as soon as they are offered it.”

In related news, across the UK things are now slowly returning to normal with England now permitting larger gatherings and all shops set to reopen from next week.

Other nations in the United Kingdom are also following England’s lead with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales also permitting increased levels of outdoor gatherings.

Vaccines being administered are expected to dip sharply this weekend, however, due to UK wide national holidays marking Easter although come Tuesday what is being seen as “the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history” in UK media in addition to being “the fastest in Europe” will return to normal.

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Across the English Channel meanwhile, the European Union is still suffering at the hands of the pandemic with staunchly Catholic Italy locking down over the important Easter weekend, and France too – so long critical of the UK’s vaccination system – also enduring yet another government enforced lockdown.

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