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In many of the places of the Uk, the covid infections have risen again. This report came from the experts from the Office for National Statistics.

The largest amount of data regarding the swab tests in the community is suggesting that the cases are growing. The covid rules are about to be dropped. But one in every 95 people is testing corona positive.

This is getting up; as last week it was 1 in 160 people. In Scotland, the concern is also arising; one in the 90 are getting the infection. In Northern Ireland, the rate is quite low as here 1 person is getting the infection among 290. In Wales, it is one in 360.

This more infectious Delta variant is accounting for almost all of the cases. Also, the data is suggesting that just over the 650000 people, or the 15 people in the UK, would get positive with the coronavirus reports in the week.

The ONS is saying that the percentage of people testing positive is continuing to increase in Scotland and England. The trend of the infection is quite uncertain in other countries like Northern Ireland and Wales.

Sarah Crofts, the Head of Analytical Outputs for the Covid infection survey, is saying that this infection has increased much in the UK. It is increasing after the last levels in February this year.

She also continued, “With infection rates continuing to rise and restrictions easing, keeping a close eye on the data is crucial to see how much protection is provided by the vaccination programs.”

The Chief Medical Officer of England, Chris Whitty, urges people to act as per the auction of the covid ruled relaxing. According to him, the UK is not yet out of the woods. Thus hospitals can face very increasing pressure from the patient treatments with the virus in the upcoming weeks.

The survey from the ONS suggests two-thirds of the public plan to wear the face coverings in shops.

More than half of the adults say that they are looking forward to going on a holiday abroad after the end of the restrictions.

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