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UK new President Rishi Sunak recently announced the fighter jet joint project with Italy and Japan. All three countries will fund the project for making advanced next-generation fighter jets.

Rishi also stated that the project would create more job opportunities and strengthen national security. He expects the project to complete in the 2030s and provide working jets for the military.

The new jets will ultimately replace the Typhoon jet, equipped with new weapons and technologies. The project is already in the development phase.

They aimed to make a jet with enhanced speed and stealth and equipped with sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI). By integrating AI, the goal is to make the aircraft work on itself in the required conditions.

The jet will also be able to function without a human pilot to decrease human casualty risk and maintain efficiency. It will also be able to launch hypersonic missiles with drone control.

These high-budget projects are too expensive for a single country to bear. Thus Britain was searching for its patterns for quite some time. Italy agreed, and now with Japan in the equation, the project is finally begun.

This project isn’t just a project to develop advanced fighter jets; it serves many purposes for Britain. Firstly, it is an alliance with counties in the Indo-Pacific and Euro-Atlantic regions. With the increasing influence of China, it is a safe bet to make some alliances.

Furthermore, the project will serve as a medium to develop thousands of employments in Britain and create its reputation in armed industries. Mr. Sunak will launch the program on Friday during his visit to RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

As he said, the project will create many new jobs, and the advanced fighter jet will work as a tool of peace and harmony in enemy nations. It is a brilliant project that will create employment while saving lives.

Credits: BBC

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