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A group of people shivering near Dover was spotted on Thursday morning. They were wearing a life jacket, but 27 of them had already drowned in the deadly English Channel.

17 men, 7 women, along with 3 children drowned in the deadly English Channel while off to set a record—as confirmed by Gerald Dermanin, the interior minister of France. 5 people have been found to be connected to this fatal crossing and hence arrested. Out of the 7 women, one was expecting. Iraqi and Somalian are the two survivors. The rescuers admitted them to a French hospital. However, their condition is by far extremely critical.

They revised the earlier report of 31 casualties with the corrected count of 27. A fishing boat crew spotted the group off the French coast. They raised the alarm, and the rescue team arrived in no time.

Unfortunately, people trafficking has now formed into a potential business prospect. Immigrant minister Kevin Foster has already confirmed that the United Kingdom is already very much determined to curb this malicious business model. In exchange for some meager profit percentage, they trade innocent lives.

The merciless criminals who send people on these missions ignore the absence of proper equipment, precautionary measures as well as poor mishap handling setup. Foster also opined, “Those who organized that boat yesterday would have just viewed these people… who passed away, as just a profit-making opportunity”.

But this is not being a very rare case. Since 2014, the International Organization for Migration has been collecting data to help in analysis. The International Organization for Migration has marked this incident as the most dangerous one to date.

The United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson reassured that the government would do everything possible to curb this evil practice of human trafficking and uproot its foundation. UK and France jointly agreed that a lot there are more actions to take in this regard than thought earlier.

Credits: BBC

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