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Twitter India is facing two more police cases amidst the growing tension between the social media platform and the federal government. This is just another addition to the two other complaints against this social media giant.

Delhi Police has filed the case after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights’ complaint. It has complained that Twitter India is promoting child pornography. Twitter has been in much trouble with the Indian Government due to the new controversial IT rules.

The second case, filed in Madhya Pradesh, accuses that this company is showing an incorrect map of the country. The map which has been removed now does not include the Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh in Indian territory at the “Tweep Life” section.

This complaint was filed against Twitter India chief Manish Maheshwari. He is also facing another investigation related to the map of the Uttarpradesh State. Kashmir is a more contentious issue. Both the countries, India and Pakistan, claim this region in full, but they get to control the parts of it. Twitter is yet to comment regarding either case.

Mr. Maheshwari is facing another complaint regarding a video showing an assault on a Muslim man in UP. The police have denied any kind of religious angle in it and proceeded to charge sole of the journalists and politicians and Twitter for sharing this video.

They are also summoning Mr. Maheshwari for this question. A court has already granted Mr. Maheshwari temporary protection from the arrest. However, the investigation which is running against Twitter is having an added on widened rift as the federal government has imposed some of the new rules. The Information Technology Rules came into the light in February and came into effect in May.

They require all the social media firms to appoint the three full-time executives to remove the contents that law enforcement and the judicial bodies request. Platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter should track all the originators of a message if the court or the government asks them.

These rules have also raised serious concerns regarding freedom of speech and user privacy. On Tuesday, MP Sashi Tharoor asked Facebook and Google to comply with new IT rules. Mr. Tharoor has also asked Twitter why it has blocked the account of him and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. It is quite rare that social media company executives are facing questions over the posts on their platform.

Credits: BBC

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