Google Workspace Frontline

The new Google Workspace Frontline – exclusively for frontliners

TAIPEI, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to statistics, about 80% of workers globally are “deskless”.

These people work on the front line as the backbone of their respective enterprise, and are the primary reason behind the launch of the new Google Workspace Frontline.

Designed to allow frontline staff to enjoy the convenience of online communication and collaboration with colleagues even if they are not working at their desks, it is projected to be a long-term Google Premier Partner, and TS Cloud will be selling the new Google Workspace Frontline at US$5 / user / month with the aim to assist more companies in adapting to the ever-changing digital era.

Google Workspace Frontline
Google Workspace Frontline

So what is Google Workspace Frontline? The difference with Business Starter is not only in price.

Google Workspace Frontline has been designed specifically for frontline workers as a collaboration and communication tool.

In terms of function, it provides basic tools including Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Chat, and more, as well as business-grade support and security features like advanced endpoint management that help keep a company’s data secure.

Additionally, customers can purchase Google Vault as an information governance and eDiscovery tool to further ensure the security of company data.

Although the main functions of Google Workspace Frontline are similar to Business Starter, it provides the same level of security feature as Business Standard.

Google Workspace Frontline Specs

  • Price: US$5 / user / month
  • Cloud storage: 2GB
  • Advanced Endpoint Management
  • Possible to add on Google Vault

Google Workspace Business Starter

  • Price: US$6 / user / month
  • Storage: 30GB
  • Basic Endpoint Management
  • Not possible to add on Google Vault
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