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Australia has now deployed hundreds of soldiers in Sydney. It will help to impose lockdown in the country. A variant from Delta has broken out. It began in June which has produced at least 3000 infections which have led to 9 deaths. The Australian Defense Force soldiers will now undergo training this weekend before the beginning of the unarmed patrols.

But many people are having questions regarding military intervention, whether it is necessary or not. They are calling it heavy-handed.

The newly imposed lockdown will continue up to at least 28 August. This bars people from leaving their homes except for the essential shopping, exercise, caregiving, and other necessary reasons.

Despite five weeks of the lockdown, the infection in the largest city of the nation is continuing to spread. The officials have recorded 170 of the new cases. The soldiers will join the police in the hotspots of the virus to ensure that people are following the rules. It will include a 10 km of travel limit.

State Police Minister David Elliott has said that it will help people to better understand the rules of the restrictions.

The outbreak has affected the critical workers and a large number of family groups in the city’s west and southwest. At least 2 million people live there.  Critics are saying that those areas are already facing the targeted measures for policing. They are pointing out the restrictions, which are harsher than the rest of Sydney.

Steve Christou, a local mayor, said, “Our people are one of the poorest demographics, and as it is, they already feel picked on and marginalized.”

“They can’t afford to pay the mortgage, the rent, the food, or work. Now throwing out the army to enforce a lockdown on the streets is going to be a huge issue to these people,” he said.

Others have also called for the government to increase the vaccine drive and the services for support in the affected communities. The vaccination rate in Australia is 17% of the adult population, which is quite low. Hence the government is working to impose lockdown with strict measures.

Credits: BBC

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